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Dr. Abrahamson, a sports medicine specialist, focuses on a personalized approach, starting with a learning phase to truly understand the pain and health goals of his patients. Using his vast medical experience and knowledge, he develops tailored plans that are best suited to treat and improve each individual patient’s health. At Integrative Sports Medicine, Dr. Abrahamson utilizes physical therapy to regenerative medicine to help each patient.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is an acknowledgment that no one medical discipline knows everything about what is best for your care. If you have been to a specialist and felt that you weren’t really listened too, or that their plan of care just didn’t feel right, then integrative medicine may be a better approach for you.

Why Choose “Integrative?”

At Integrative Sports Medicine, we take the time to listen to your experience with your pain or injury and use your history and our diagnostic tools to really get at the root cause. A treatment plan will then be developed that focuses on treating that root cause rather than simply resorting to drugs or surgery. 

We utilize partnerships with physical therapy, functional medicine, interventions for damaging running or throwing techniques, as well as diagnostic ultrasound which can often show us the cause of pain at a fraction of the cost of MRI. 

Our goal is for our patients to achieve optimal joint health, a concept you may not hear about from other specialists. Integrative Sports Medicine is the latest evolution of integrative medicine, and our patients will sense the truth and logic to our approach to sports medicine. 

The most common issues we help our patients with

Knee Problems

Joint stability and pain

Knee problems can be categorized as one of several things and we diagnose and potentially treat all of them.

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Shoulder Pain

Pain, weakness, or fatigue, we treat it

When your shoulder hurts, we can help.  Complete in-office ultrasound is particularly useful and provides same day results and diagnostics.

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Hip Pain & Injury

Heal chronic pain and regain motion

Hip problems can be categorized as one of three things and we diagnose and treat all of them

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A progressive, crippling problem that costs you your activity

You now have more control over how your osteoarthritis does or does not progress.

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Our Core Values

At Integrative Sports Medicine, our team believes in and performs every activity with values below.

People We Have Helped

“Dr. Abrahamson was able to accurately diagnose and treat my chronic ankle pain, that many other sports medicine specialists missed. If you’re looking for a sports medicine doc to get you back in the game, Dr. Brad is your guy.”

Derrick Kuhn, Ankle

“My experience with Dr. Brad was a far more pleasant experience than I had with any other sports medicine specialist or orthopedic surgeon. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a sports medicine doctor, or if you are experiencing knee pain, hip pain or shoulder pain.”

Nate Shugrue, Knee

I’m ecstatic to be where I am at this point! I would like to say “Thanks” to Dr. Abrahamson. We are about 3 months out from the original procedure (bone marrow stem cell treatment for knee arthritis). Before treatment, I could not do anything with this knee. I’m currently back to a full schedule of events!

John M., Knee

I have been on a personal, grueling journey back to good health from chronic back/neck pain I suffered from an auto accident that’s over a year old now. Most of the doctors/specialists I’ve seen were extremely un-personable to a point of being unapproachable. The very first thing that stood out to me about Dr. Abrahamson was his willingness to actually listen to my complaints and concerns without making me feel that I was bothering him. (A feeling that I have experienced too many times!) I’ve only just started seeing Dr. Abrahamson for treatment and due to his display of professional knowledge and compassion, I’m already optimistic that he will be able to help alleviate my pain and help me get my life back!

I can’t express enough how happy I am to have been referred to him with the only drawback being that I didn’t see him sooner. If experiencing chronic pain from an injury, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment to see him at Integrated Sports Medicine LLC.

Joshua W., Back/Neck

My experience with Dr. Abramhamson thus far is very encouraging. I am able to walk on my damaged ankle without my brace less than a month after my stem cell injection. 

The Magellan Arteriocyte technology he uses is first rate and ensures a closed-loop harvesting process. The doc has a wonderful manner and is very competent. His staff is very supportive and highly skilled

Skip L., Ankle

I am doing unbelievably well and so much better than I expected. My shoulder has not kept me awake since the A2M procedure. My ankle pain is decreasing steadily. By 5 days after the procedure, I felt like 60- 70 % of the pain was gone. Now it is around 90%. I can actually walk without limping. I am able to walk about a mile and am biking 4-5 miles a day.

Vern V., Shoulder/Ankle

Latest News

As Dr. Abrahamson continues his medical education and specialization in sports medicine, he provides insightful content on procedures, their benefits, and easy to understand explanations on whether the procedure is right for you.

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