There are essentially two main situations in which Dr. Abrahamson will be called on to do an Independent Medical Examination (IME). These are either (1) Personal Injury (auto accident or other) or (2) Worker’s Compensation.

In both cases, the question often comes down to the fact that the parties involved (usually those injured, their attorneys and an opposing attorney)  can not agree on how to take care of injured people. The important thing is to accurately and objectively characterize the injuries that have taken place and thoroughly explain in written and in-court reports to the parties involved what needs to happen to take care of the injured person.

Dr. Abrahamson is trusted by the state to be a Division of Labor and Employment “DIME” which is a Colorado Division of Labor appointed examiner. He also works with trusted attorneys on the personal injury side. He strives to make thorough, objective and accurate reports. He has staff to facilitate this work and to perform quality control measures to make sure the work is as good as possible.