Your body puts a lot of work into making sure everything is in the best condition it can be.  Meaning it is using a lot of energy to do all this work.  MitoCORE is a multi-vitamin that will provide your body with all the essential and micronutrients your body needs.  This multi-vitamin also has some energy replenishing factors.  The body contains enzymes that work to turn your food into ATP or cellular energy.  MitoCORE’s blend of vitamins and enzymes help boost mitochondrial reserves and recharge cellular energy production.  It also helps to ensure the cycle of energy production is established.  If you are an athlete that likes to go all day long, or maybe someone who just needs a boost throughout the day, MitoCORE will help.  It also helps with the healing process by helping the body fuel up.  So, help your body, so it can help you.   

By: Sara Liberatore