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Three things cause hip problems. We diagnose and treat all of them:

Common causes for pain in the actual ball-socket joint of the hip are:

  1. Arthritis such as osteoarthritis – We treat osteoarthritis, which is no longer thought of as simple “wear and tear.”

  2. Labral tears and other impingement problems – Sometimes the fit between the ball and socket is imperfect or the ball (femoral head) does not move right within its socket (acetabulum).  This can be treated with physical therapy and/or surgery, and if surgery is to be avoided we can discuss regenerative medicine, which we provide

  3. Inflammation, effusion fluid, and synovitis – The key to these symptoms is that they are in fact symptoms, not the diagnosis.  The challenge is for us to figure out the underlying cause so we can treat correctly.

For any of these conditions, making the right diagnosis is key.  X-ray is usually necessary, and we will let you know if you may need an ultrasound (done in office as another diagnostic tool).

Many internal structures cross the hip or sit nearby.   Numerous tendons, nerves and other structures can cause pain.  At Integrative Sports Medicine we use in-office diagnostic ultrasound and clinical experience to figure out what structure to treat.  Depending on the diagnosis, many treatment options are available. 

Disc pain can be felt in the hip joints or the buttocks. Quite a few nerves sit close to the hip and pelvis. These nerves can produce signals from nearby structures that may feel like hip pain when it’s not the hip that’s creating the actual pain. A different structure, for whatever reason, is sending the pain to the hip.

Example of a Hip X-Ray

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