What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is an acknowledgment that no one medical discipline knows everything about what is best for your care. If you have been to a specialist and felt that you weren’t really listened too, or that their plan of care just didn’t feel right, then integrative medicine may be a better approach for you.

Why Choose “Integrative?”


At Integrative Sports Medicine, we take the time to listen to your experience with your pain or injury and use your history and our diagnostic tools to really get at the root cause. A treatment plan will then be developed that focuses on treating that root cause rather than simply resorting to drugs or surgery. 

We utilize partnerships with physical therapy, functional medicine, interventions for damaging running or throwing techniques, as well as diagnostic ultrasound which can often show us the cause of pain at a fraction of the cost of MRI. 

When it comes to treatment, we acknowledge that there is no one cookie cutter approach that fits every diagnosis nor every patient. We take the necessary steps to determine the best approach for your situation, and offer therapies that can often successfully treat tendon injuries and arthritis, as well as prevent or prolong the need for surgery. 

Our goal is for our patients to achieve optimal joint health, a concept you may not hear about from other specialists. Integrative Sports Medicine is the latest evolution of integrative medicine, and our patients will sense the truth and logic to our approach to sports medicine.