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Integrative Care

Dr. Abrahamson works with all patients, all injuries, joint pain, rotator cuff tears and arthritis, all injuries, all ages, all people.  Integrative Sports Medicine offers complete shoulder diagnostic ultrasounds, and of course x-ray and MRI reading and physical diagnosis, which also includes a team-based and goal-based, holistic approach to your injury.

We perform running gait analysis, throwing analysis, highly sports-specific things like that but Integrative Sports Medicine does not just treat athletes. Integrative care means that Dr. Abrahamson works intimately with many other fields on a highly-communicative and horizontal playing field.

Our integrative approach includes Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine, RDs, NDs, MDs and DOs, massage therapy, Yoga, and many more services and people that can help get you healthy.

There is a difference.

People are very happy when they can get an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Abrahamson is extremely passionate about providing this service to patients. He has spent significant time training and learning how to figure out root causes and actual diagnoses. With cost in mind, we will never force you to x-rays and MRIs unless absolutely necessary.

Did you know that most fractures can be treated non-operatively? Dr. Abrahamson can treat even fracture-dislocations that need to be “set.” This can save you a more expensive visit. A common solution that many patients enjoy is our waterproof cast.

Most commonly seen issues I treat

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Rotator cuff issues

  • Elbow Pain

  • Achilles problems

  • Patella and quadricep tendons

  • Hip pain

  • Arthritis of any joint (hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder are the top 4 I see)

  • Wrist pain

We provide more options and routes to care than other sports medicine providers.

In many cases, it turns out that most osteoarthritis and rotator cuff problems can be treated well non-operatively. If you do need surgery, we have several surgeons and partners we confidentially refer patients to who share the same integrative medicine perspective and commitment to putting you on the fast-track to rehabilitation and health.

A Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Diagnostics (MSK) is an ultrasound that can be used to see your tendons, ligaments, and muscles and assess their intactness. It is much more cost effective than MRI and often sees the building blocks of your body even better. We are able to provide a diagnosis during the same visit rather than the traditional imaging center process.

This is the process of promoting or stimulating your body to restart the healing process. This is accomplished by cleaning up and removing dead tissue around tendons, leaving only the healthy tissue behind.

One of our more effective regenerative medicine therapies is Platelet Rich Plasma injections. This technique uses concentrated growth factors from your OWN body to safely boost healing in struggling bones, tendons & muscle.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a biologic isolated from whole blood that is preferentially enriched for platelets. The high concentration of platelets may help improve inflammatory response, and infection.

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