A Sports Medicine Physician is a specialist in the non-operative treatment of orthopedic injuries. Nearly 90% of musculoskeletal injuries are non-surgical. ‘

As a Sports Medicine physician, Dr. Brad is highly trained to treat numerous conditions in children, athletes young and old, as well as non-sports related injuries. Some of the conditions Sports Medicine doctors, included Dr. Brad Abrahamson, treat are:

  • Sprains, strains, muscle tears and many fractures

  • Joint pain due to injury, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, elbow pain, including arthritis

  • Concussion diagnosis and management

  • Non-surgical alternatives for knee arthritis, shoulder arthritis, rotator-cuff issues, ligament and tendon injuries

  • Diagnosis with ultrasound (significantly less expensive and often more helpful than MRI)

  • Coordinating care with other members of the sports medicine team to include athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal physicians, other medical and surgical specialties

The answer is no. At Integrative Sports Medicine, we treat children, adults, athletes and non-athletes alike.