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Dr. Abrahamson focuses on a personalized approach, starting with a learning phase to truly understand the pain and health goals of his patients. Using his vast medical experience and knowledge he develops tailored plans that are best suited to treat and improve each individual patient’s health. Dr. Abrahamson utilizes physical therapy to regenerative medicine to help each patient.

The most common issues we help our patients with

Knee Problems

Joint stability and pain

Knee problems can be categorized as one of several things and we diagnose and potentially treat all of them.

Shoulder Pain

Pain, weakness, or fatigue, we treat it

When your shoulder hurts, we can help.  Complete in-office ultrasound is particularly useful and provides same day results and diagnostics.

Hip Problems

Heal chronic pain and regain motion

Hip problems can be categorized as one of three things and we diagnose and treat all of them


A progressive, crippling problem that costs you your activity

You now have more control over how your osteoarthritis does or does not progress.

Do You Have An Injury or Pain We Can Help With?


Our Core Values

At Integrative Sports Medicine our team believes in and performs every activity with values below.

People We Have Helped

“I had chronic ankle pain, Dr. Abrahamson was able to accurately diagnose and treat my pain.”

Derrick Kuhn, Ankle

“Dr. Brad was a far more pleasant experience than I had with any other sports doctor or orthopedic surgeon.”

Nate Shugrue, Knee

Latest News

As Dr. Abrahamson continues his medical education, he provides insightful content on procedures, their benefits, and easy to understand explanations on if this is the right procedure for you.

Diagnostic Ultrasound – Saving Money

May 1st, 2018|

"I think I need an MRI for my shoulder" A female in her mid-twenties recently visited my office, presenting with right shoulder pain.  She works as a painter and fabricator, a pretty physical job, and [...]