Update from Dr. Abrahamson

From all of us here at Integrative Sports Medicine, thank you for allowing us to take part in your care over the last 5+ years. We are grateful to you and all our patients for keeping us busy. Being a part of your care during this time has been an immense honor. Here at Integrative Sports Medicine, we are proud to offer a care model that is unlike anything else that clinics within the larger medical system can offer. Through each of you, we have been able to listen and learn, allowing us to offer uncompromising and high-quality service.

Beginning in October, I will be working in a new leadership role as state medical director at another company, and ISM will no longer be scheduling appointments after September 29th. I will be posting more details on LinkedIn regarding my new position at the end of September.

What’s Next for Integrative Sports Medicine (ISM)?

Given the high demand for our services, ISM is currently in search of new ownership, with the hopes of reopening by the end of the year.

Due to a unique statute in the state of Colorado, both medically licensed and non-medically licensed buyers (i.e., executive, investor, financial) can purchase and operate the practice with the right team in place.

This creates an opportunity for the new ownership group to greatly expand on the services we have historically provided, and we would love nothing more than to keep it within the family we have created here.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, please reach out to our broker, Don Taylor at dontaylor@frontrangebusiness.com or 303-548-9475 for further details.

We are seeking a new owner/ownership group who can build on the foundation we have created and take ISM to the next level. There has been significant interest from prospective buyers, so please check back here regularly for updates.

Thank you all again sincerely for your patronage.

Best Regards,

Brad Abrahamson, MD